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Seven Pillars of Health Personal Health Improvement Kit

Living In Divine Health

Living in Divine Health is a journey into the world of disease preventing nutrition that includes medical research as well as biblical insight. Physician Don Colbert tell readers how to eliminate cancer producing toxins, learn to differentiate between foods that generate health from foods that hurt your heart, learn what to do about fat because fat "is where the poison is", unleash good fat, challenge deadly nutritional advice, become friends with miracle foods.

Stress Less

Through the examination of scientific principles, the exploration of proven theories, expounding biblical principles as well as the sharing of anecdotal stories, Dr. Don Colbert exposes stress as a killer. Stress Less challenges readers to change their lifestyle to overcome stress.

Dr. Colbert's Family Guide to Health

Dr. Colbert's Family Guide to Health 4-packs are audiobooks from The Bible Cure for series of books. Audiobooks in Pack 1 concern Colds, Weight Loss, Depression, and High Cholesterol. Pack 2 concerns High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Headaches, and Stress. Pack 3 concerns Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, and Back Pain.

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