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About Oprah's Book Club

Oprah's Book Club began September 17, 1996 as a feature on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Through it, Oprah encouraged reading as a regular part of viewers lives. The books offerd here are ones that Oprah selected for reading as a part of the book club.

Shatter My Rock

Shatter My Rock is a novel about a 46 year old working mom (Claire Fowler) who becomes pregnant after a business trip with a "hypersexual subordinate". After the birth of her son, Owen, and his subsequent diagnosis of having Dukate Disease, Claire is forced to consider whether or not she was unknowingly raped.

A Virtuous Woman

A Virtuous Woman is a novel about a young woman (Ruby Pitt Woodrow) who falls on hard times after running off with a migrant worker, then finds love with a man 20 years her senior.

Reading with Oprah

Reading with Oprah: The Book Club That Changed America by Kathleen Rooney covers the story of Oprah's Book Club from its beginning in 1996 to 2003. It discusses the impact Oprah's Book Club has had on culture and includes interviews with Oprah's Book Club readers and authors. This book also spotlights the fusion of books, television and commerce.

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