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James Brown Arena Tickets

Get Ticketmaster tickets to events at James Brown Arena in Augusta Georgia. The arena is a 9,167 seat venue with 23,000-square-foot floor space. The arena floor is adjacent to a 14,500-square-foot exhibit hall. The arena and exhibit hall are a part of the Augusta Entertainment Complex which also includes the 2,800 seat Bell Auditorium named for William B. Bell.

Augusta Exchange Club Event Tickets

Augusta Exchang Club hosts events for the purpose of benefiting the Augusta community. Such events include the Augusta Charity Classic golf tournament and the Georgia-Carolina State Fair.

Augusta Greenjackets

Get tickets to Augusta Greenjackets baseball games. The Augusta Greenjackets are a minor league baseball team and a Class A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. The team is named for the green jackets awarded to winners of The Masters golf tournament. Greenjackets home games are played at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

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