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About Tyler

About Tyler Perry

Playwright, author, actor, director, producer and New Orleans native, Tyler Perry, is what some would consider an overnight success. But success did not come easily for Tyler. Homeless at one time, Tyler persisted in his dream of seeing what began as personal journal entries, expressed on stage.

After persisting through the loss of his apartment and living in his car because of investing in his own work, Tyler achieved success with the success of his play I Know I've Been Changed. That play was the first of a series of successful plays that changed Tyler's life and the entertainment industry.

After achieving success as a playwright, Tyler began making movies based on his plays. He also created two television sitcoms that air on TBS. The success of his movies enable him to build the first movie studio owned by an African American.

No longer homeless, Tyler now resides in a mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. The mansion featured in the movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman is also a former Tyler Perry residence. Not selfish with what God has blessed him, Tyler, a tither, paid the hotel bill of hurricane Katrina victims who fled to Atlanta, gave $1 million to build homes for hurricane victims and gave $0.5 million to help build Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Atlanta.

Tyler has used his success in the entertainment industry to showcase the talents of actors that Hollywood overlooked. In addition to being blessed, Tyler has been a blessing through his work and his philanthropy. Tyler is an example of true success.

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