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Bill Cosby

I Didn't Ask to Be Born

I Didn't Ask to Be Born is a collection of hilarious observations by Dr. Bill Cosby. Using a cast of characters including Peanut Armhouse and Old Mother Harold, Dr. Cosby shares insights into the human condition.

Congratulations! Now What?

Congratulations! Now What? is Dr. Bill Cosby's humorous message to college graduates. After four years (hopefully not more) of study for students and college tuition payments for parents, Dr. Cosby provides humorous takes on finding a job, preparing for a job interview, writing a resume and moving out of your parents house.

I Am What I Ate...and I'm frightened!!

I Am What I Ate...and I'm frightened!! is a collection of hilarious essays by Dr. Bill Cosby on health, food, and why Americans are hooked on self-indulgent and self-destructive behaviors such as bad eating habits and drinking.


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