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Jay McGraw

Jay McGraw's
Life Strategies
for Dealing
with Bullies

Life Strategies For Teens

Life Code

In Life Code Dr. Phil tells the truth about "bad guys", including how they think and exploit others. He also shares tools to use to protect from their assaults. Learn how to identify "bad guys" as well as tactics for winning.

Real Life

Dr. Phil offers help for persons facing what he considers to be the seven most critical days a person can face: the day one loses something of great value, the day one realizes their life has been lived according to others' expectations, the day one realizes they are in over their head, the day of illness, the day of a mental breakdown, the day of addiction, the day one asks "Why".

Life Strategies

Dr. Phil offers 10 Life Laws will empower you to take responsibility for your own actions and break free from self-destructive patterns. The 10 Life Laws include doing what works, life rewards action, life is managed, and freedom in forgiveness. This book has a corresponding journal and also a workbook.

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