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Alison Sweeney

Opportunity Knocks

Makeup artist, Alex Cleary, gets an opportunity to work in the daytime industry when she secures a job for lifestyle-empire mogul Hillary P. Unfortunately, Alex's mouth puts her future in jeapordy when she finds herself on the receiving end of a $5 million law suit for violating a nondisclosure agreement.

Scared Scriptless

In her second novel, Alison Sweeney tells the story of Maddy Carson, a Script Supervisor on hit television show whose desire to help her hometown using a reality show conflicts with the agenda of one of the executives at her company.

The Star Attraction

The Star Attraction is Alison Sweeney's first novel. It is the story of Sophie, a Hollywood publicist who must decide between a clandestine affair with an elite Hollywood client or a life with her investment banker beau. This novel gives readers a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

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