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Reba McEntire

Reba Brooks & Dunn

Promo Shoot

Sing It Now

Cut by Cut

Pray for Peace

Pray for Peace

CMT Giant

Reba CMT Giant

Reba on Oprah

Reba on Oprah

CMT Insider

Reba TV Show (2004)

Reba in 2017

Reba's 2017 interviews, appearances, and fun stuff. Includes Reba at the ACM Awards, behind the scenes of her new album Sing It Now, Celebrity Fight Night with Melissa Peterman, sings I'll Fly Away with her family, and more.

More from Reba

Reba's interviews, appearances, and fun stuff. Includes her thoughts on Southern living, association with Cracker Barrel, learning from mistakes, and more.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Reba was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011. See clips from her induction ceremony. Reba give a lengthy review of her career in a Hall of Fame sit down interview. Reba speaks at the opening of her exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame that includes memorabilia and the infamous Red Dress. Her Reba tell the story of how she came to wear the Red Dress on stage. See the "Red Dress" peformance and more.

Reba and Friends

Reba, her family members and her friends tell the story of her life and career. She invites Little Big Town to join the Grand Ole Opry and shares about being Kelly Clarkson's mother-in-law. Reba and Melissa Peterman reminisce. Reba shares milestone moments with Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, George Jones and Linda Davis.

Reba Talks About Her Book

Reba McEntire is a guest on TNN's Music City Tonight and discusses her autobiography, Reba, My Story. She is surprised by the appearance of her siblings, neices and her parents. Reba's sister, Suzie McEntire-Eaton performs. Reba sings with her siblings as The Singing McEntires.

Reba on Oprah's Master Class

Reba McEntire discusses the beginning of her career, her journey toward a number 1 record, learning to follow her heart, parenting, as well as principles to live by.

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